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Excursion around Favignana

Capitan Sinagra

Favignana around the boat is a great way to get to know the intense colors of the miraculous sea surrounding the Egadi Island.

Departure at 10: 45, starting with the show You port and there buildings (Camparia, Stabilimento Florio). After leaving the port, go along the East Coast, where you can see from the very beginning, made by a man during a stretch of blocks of sandstone, characteristic, regular rocks. As we pass the Santa Nicola and Scalo Cavallo, to reach after a while on the first stop, surrounded by blue and crystal clear waters of the "Red Bay" (Cala Rossa). After swimming we head in the direction of the Bue Marino (the name comes from the seals, which was originally inhabited by the corner of the island) and Punta Marsala, to stay in the "Blue Bay" (Cala Azzurra) for swimming and a snack (apéritif).

Go further into the southern part of the island, in the direction of the Lido Burrone and Calamonaci, sailing along the coast to reach before long and narrow strip of the island called Punta Lunga, which offers protection of the fascinating, the tiny fishing village. The small harbour is the perfect place to commemorate in the photos. From here we head to the western part of the island. Seen before gives way to a chalky sandstone where you can go, which completely changes the landscape. To the Bay called Cala Pirreca, located on two small islands Previto and Galera, where we will stop again to eat "pane cunzato" (i.e. the local omnipresent Sesame bread with local products).

After the break we head in the direction of Cala Rotonda ("Round the Bay"), a great place for snorkeling where you can often see schools of fish with curiosity coming under the boat in search of food.
To see we only Punta Sottile, Punta Cala Ferro, Pozzo and Punta Faraglione and is located right next to the Grotto lovers. Hence the visible is the port to which the return expected around noon. 17: 00.

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